Tracking Hurricane Sally

Tracking Hurricane Sally

Tracking Hurricane Sally 719 557 adapt ready

Over 14 hours ago, Tropical Storm Sally turned into Hurricane Sally and changed its course as it made progress towards Louisiana. It is now expected to turn and make its way to the Mississippi-Alabama state line.

The hurricane is likely to further impact the battered oil & gas industry with over 170 offshore platforms and 1,000 offshore wells in the path of the hurricane. Over 500 manufacturing facilities in Mississippi could also bear the brunt of the hurricane and its predicted life-threatening storm surge.

The Chemicals manufacturing industry could see significant impact from Hurricane Sally.

The following is a small subset of the companies that could experience property damage and business interruption.

Offshore Wells
Fieldwood Energy368
Cantium LLC220
Cox Operating LLC92
Onshore Oil Wells
Texas Petroleum Investment Company100
Cox Operating LLC26
Lobo Operating Inc11
Onshore Gas Wells
Texas Petroleum Investment Company10
Lobo Operating Inc9
Fieldwood and Cox had the most exposure during Hurricane Laura as well.