Hurricane Sally: Impact Report

Hurricane Sally: Impact Report

Hurricane Sally: Impact Report 1785 1169 adapt ready

The new interactive infographic above allows Insurers and reinsurers to see their exposures as hurricane Sally’s predicted path evolved. Then, the actual path as Sally made landfall on the 16th September.

This infographic shows how as Louisiana was being predicted to face the brunt of the storm having the relevant data at the right time to assess the industries and companies allows insurers and reinsurers to prepare for reserving on their portfolios and risks where necessary.

By simply moving the slider in the infographic, you can see how each projected path could have impacted Louisiana’s wells and companies in real time up until hurricane Sally made landfall when the real impact became known (path 4)

This infographic is focused on the Louisiana area just to show the potential of this style of risk analysis; however, we are also covering the impact upon Alabama’s onshore wells and companies in Florida now that landfall has been made and initial data is showing the following:


  • BASF
  • Coastal Oil & Gas Corporation
  • ExxonMobil Production Company
  • Goodrich Aerostructures
  • Guyoungtech USA, Inc. (a tier 1 supplier to Hyundai, Kia and other automotive companies)


  • Air Products & Chemicals
  • Exxon Mobil Chemical Company

If you would like more detailed info on the impact to your specific risk or portfolio, or would just like to know how often these wells or other companies have previously been damaged by major events specific to your risks then please get in touch with our representatives through the links at the bottom of the site.