Event and Disaster Report 2023

In 2023, the global supply chain and energy sector have faced significant impacts. Supply chain challenges have arisen from high demand for goods, with disruptions expected to persist due to geopolitical conflicts, inflationary pressures, and natural catastrophic events. In addition, the energy sector is transitioning to clean energy technologies, with an increase in clean energy investment and a focus on critical material supply chains.

These factors are transforming the global supply chain and energy landscape, emphasizing the importance of agile supply chain management and rapid deployment of clean energy technology. Adapt Ready’s “Event and Disaster Report” will give an overview of the 2023 major natural catastrophic and man-made events and its impact on global supply chain and energy sector.

The report helps risk managers to identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies. In addition, it facilitates data-driven decision-making by providing key stakeholders with relevant, detailed, and timely data. Furthermore, it can also be used to ensure regulatory compliance and as a valuable tool for learning from previous incidents and improving risk management strategies. Overall, our report is a valuable resource that provides risk managers with the knowledge they need to effectively understand, communicate, and address risks within their organizations.

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