Press Release: Adapt Ready Joins Delegation of Clean Energy Business Leaders at COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris

Adapt Ready CEO Shruthi Rao is joining other executives at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) as part of a delegation of Northeast clean energy company executives.

Paris. December 02, 2015

Adapt Ready is participating in theUnited Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) as part of a delegation of Northeast clean energy company executives. As part of the Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC) delegation,  Adapt Ready and other companies will showcase at the La Galerie exhibition of low carbon solutions during COP21.  La Galerie exhibition aims to demonstrate to business and COP attendees the products, services, processes and innovations throughout the world that exist and are being developed to combat climate change. The conference and exhibition takes place at Le Bourget from December 2 to December 9. Details on the full La Galerie’s agenda are available here.

“Companies that truly understand their vulnerabilities to climate change will invest in resilient infrastructure, secure water services and sustainable energy systems to protect their assets and communities; these improvements, in turn, result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and better resource management,” said Adapt Ready CEO Shruthi Rao. “Adapt Ready climate intelligence software advances the private sector’s ability to achieve the co-benefits of climate mitigation and adaptation by showing, where, when and how facilities and supply chains are affected by climate impacts.”

Additional NECEC members attending include Next Step Living CEO Geoff Chapin, Foley Hoag Partner Mark Barnett and Rob Pratt, Chairman of GreenerU and Chairman and President of the International Institute for Energy Conservation. Additionally, NECEC partner David W. Cash, Dean of the John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at University of Massachusetts Boston will join the NECEC delegation, as will executives from NECEC’s corporate partner Schneider Electric.

Rao and other attending company leaders will participate in a panel discussion entitled “Clean Energy through Policy, Technology and Finance” on December 5 at La Galerie, an “Energy Innovation and the US Northeast Clean Energy Grid” workshop on December 8 at La Galerie.

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